This weekend we’re beginning a brand new series called 3-2-1. When you see those three numbers, you know that’s a countdown. There are three weeks until Easter when Christians all over the world will spend a specific Sunday focusing on Jesus’ resurrection. Over the next three weeks we’ll discuss what the responsibilities are for Christians when it comes to people who don’t know God. I know sometimes among some Christians there can be an US vs. THEM mentality. The reality is though, all of us were people who didn’t know Jesus, and people who did know Christ helped us to meet him. Now how do we help others?

Pray Series Pray

Garrett Huxford -- 3-2-1 Part 3

Include People Series Include People

Stephen Saxton -- 3-2-1 Part 2

Every Chair an Opportunity Series Every Chair an Opportunity

Stephen Saxton -- 3-2-1 Part 1