Faith Promise

What is Faith Promise?

Faith Promise is ICC’s funding program for our ministry partners both domestically and internationally.

How does Faith Promise work?

Every regular attender and member of Islands Christian Church makes a commitment to give to Faith Promise above and beyond their normal giving. You can see an example of a Faith Promise commitment card here.

Why do I need to share my commitment with ICC? 

So our partners can plan. We add up your commitments, plan a budget, and commit set amounts to our partners for the year. They use what we promise to give in order to plan their budgets for the year. 

Why should you give to Faith Promise?

There are nearly 3,000,000,000 people who have never heard about the love of Christ. 

“Above and beyond,” what does that mean?

We believe every person who follows Jesus should support their local church with a pre-decided percent of their income. What you commit to Faith Promise is given above that pre-decided percentage.

How could I possibly give more?

Your Faith Promise commitment starts with prayer. Pray and tell God you want to support ICC’s ministry partners around the world through Faith Promise. Pray and ask him how much you should give and then promise in faith that you will give it, if HE provides. The fact is for most of us, God has been providing more than we need, but we choose to spend it on ourselves. Faith Promise demands prayer to discern your sacrifice. 

Practically, how do I give my Faith Promise commitment?

ICC provides envelopes which allow for people to indicate which portion of their offering is for Faith Promise and which portion is their support for ICC. If you write checks, you can indicate in the memo line what portion is for Faith Promise.  Any funds not specifically designated for Faith Promise are assigned to the general operating account. Therefore, if no funds are given to Faith Promise, no resources go to our ministry partners. You can also give online through the portal at

Our Partners


Agape Children's Ministry

Bethshean Mexico Mission

Central India Christian Mission

IDES – International Disaster Emergency Service

Java Ministries – Indonesia

Polish Christian Mission

Radius International

Zimbabwe Outreach Ministries


Georgia Southern Campus Ministry

Old Savannah City Mission

Savannah Care Center

The Dream Campaign

The Living Vine

*In addition to this list, we have given onetime gifts to other missions and organizations.

Future Partners

If you are interested in Islands Christian Church supporting and partnering with you and your ministry click here. A member of our Missions Team will review it and get back with you soon.